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Deep Geothermal Potential Assessment (3DHIP Calculator)

Deep geothermal potential evaluation tool using volumetric calculation and recoverable thermal energy on geological models

3DHIP-Calculator is a software written in MATLABTM 2019 developed by the Area of Geological Resources of the ICGC and the Unit of Geotectonics, Department of Geology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The new program allows do assessments of deep geothermal potential by calculating the USGS "Heat-in-Place (HIP)" (Muffler and Cataldi, 1978; Garg & Combs, 2015) and thermal energy recoverable (Arkan and Parlaktuna, 2005; Trumpy, et al. 2016; Limberger et al. 2018) on 3D geological models with a probabilistic or stochastic approach.

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The functionalities of the ‘3DHIP-Calculator’ software

3DHIP-Calculator is shown with an intuitive graphical user interface that help their utilization. The results are presented in different graphs (histograms and cumulative probability functions) and 2D maps. The output data can then be exported to Geographic Information Systems for more detailed 2D mapping to show probabilities of the available resource (for example, 10% HIP (P10), HIP (P50) or HIP (P90).

3DHIP-Calculator workflow with an intuitive graphical interface

3DHIP-Calculator workflow with an intuitive graphical interface


Application distribution

3DHIP-Calculator is distributed in a compiled executable program for Microsoft Windows™ (3DHIP-Calculator.exe).

The current version of 3DHIP-Calculator 1.2 (August 2022), can be downloaded using a zip compressed file (3DHIPCalculator_v1.2, 22 MB) containing:

  • The 3DHIP_Calculator.exe software.
  • The English version user guide (PDF).
  • Test examples to the application: 
    - 3D geological and thermal models voxel format (geological_model.vox, thermal_model.vox, from Herms et al., 2020). See section 4, user guide. 
    - 1D geological model (1D_geological_model.txt). Example case of an idealized conceptual theoretical model using a single cell. See section 6, user guide. 


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