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Toolbar plugin QGIS “Open ICGC” that allows direct and quick access to the geoinformation of the ICGC

Connector QGIS Open ICGC

La geocodificació és el procés de convertir adreces postals, noms de lloc o punts d'interès a coordenades

Geocodificador ICGC

Servei de geolocalització amb dades ICGC per usuaris del programari ArcGIS Pro

Geocodificador ICGC per a ArcGIS

Explore the geoinformation of Catalonia and the world creating maps with your data, embedding them on the web or blog and share on social networks

Tool that helps to detect geographical and urban changes and to determine when they have occurred, on official cartography

Create interactive visualizations with maps, text, and multimedia content to tell narrative stories

Convertbox and geodetic calculator, guides for the transformation of coordinates (ED50 to ETRS89...) with different software, geoid models...

Transform coordinates and formats

Drag your files and view your maps and geoinformation on the internet

Choose your area of interest and generate dynamic shading to the buildings by selecting the day and time

Building/dynamic shadow (prototype)