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Custom projects

The ICGC selects the parameters to observe and the techniques to apply in precision farming

The ICGC has airborne sensors to capture aerial photographs (vertical and oblique), lidar, hyperspectral and thermal data

In the 3D City models, the ICGC combines photogrammetric flight and LiDAR, with tachymetry and photography in areas of occultation

The ICGC produces light pollution maps from an airborne hyperspectral sensor and satellite images

The ICGC detects new constructions with the realization of LiDAR flights

ICGC with LiDAR data monitors the coastline and possible pollutants with airborne hyperspectral sensors and satellite images

orthoXpres allows you to consult provisional orthophotos, generated by fast orthorectification of frames and visualization in 3D (anaglyphs)

The ICGC produces topographic, geological, geothematic cartography, orthophotos ...

The ICGC combines LiDAR data with a digital camera for the estimation of snow thickness that is integrated in the assessment of water resources

The ICGC measures subsidence with advanced techniques of differential interference DInSAR