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Catalunya Offline

The hiking app that does not need mobile coverage

Screenshot showing an example of the search functionality
Screenshot showing the leisure mode, with the user's location on the map functionality enabled

Catalunya Offline is a mobile application that allows you to explore the Catalan territory, mark points of interest and record your routes and excursions using GPS, even if you don’t have data coverage on your mobile device.

The application also allows the download and visualization of the topographical cartography of ICGC, which presents structured and hierarchical information to facilitate reading. Level curves and information about the mountain trails are shown.

Updates of Catalonia Offline 3.1.1

With the new version, users have data from the reference map of all Catalonia (ContextMaps) with two different display styles: standard and leisure.

Both styles work offline and online. Connecting to the Internet you can also view the ICGC orthophotographs.

In addition, Catalunya Offline allows you to add user data such as the sample layers of campsites, shelters, hostels and rural tourism that you will find in the application.

Another outstanding feature are the "Areas", user projects that can contain points, with or without photos, and itineraries, for fieldwork of collecting information. The areas have a data dictionary and can be exported in ZIP or KML format for later processing in other GIS tools.

To be able to record and share excursions, Catalunya Offline allows you to export the itineraries in GPX format and show a summary of distance and time, profile and gradient. Thus, the GPX can follow the itinerary on the screen, with the ICGC map in the background and the GPS position, without the need to consume data.


Features of the application

  • Download the topographic map for offline consumption (due to the size of the files, it’s recommended to download them with Wi-Fi networks).
  • Location of the user's position on the map.
  • Creation of points on the map, either from the positioning of the mobile itself, or by long clicking on the map where we want to place the point. You can name and describe the point, associate photos with it and choose its color.
  • Recording of routes and itineraries (tracks). You can name and describe the route, choose its color and determine the position collection interval. You can also pause the recording.
  • The application allows you to upload routes and points that are contained in files (external files) in GPX, GeoJSON and KML formats.
  • Activation and deactivation of the layers referring to rural tourism, campsites, hostels and shelters.
  • Creation of topographic profiles of the routes.
  • Sharing of the routes as a ZIP or GPX file.
  • Download files generated by the user (GPX and KML formats).
  • The set of points and routes can be marked as visible or not, and can also be deleted.
  • Search for toponyms (municipalities, places, villages) to determine the map or maps of the area of interest.
  • Visualization of the graphic scale.


Download cartography in Catalonia Offline

The map download for offline use is done the first time the application starts. At that moment, Catalunya Offline asks the user for authorization to download the vector map of Catalonia, along with the styles, symbols and fonts. The map is stored on the phone and is always available. It’s necessary to have 900 MB to save the data.

Screenshot showing the cartographic background in 2 ½ D
Screenshot showing the standard style, with the user's location on the map functionality enabled
Screenshot showing the standard style, with the user's location on the map functionality enabled


Screenshot showing the orthomap, with the user's location functionality on the map
Captura de pantalla que mostra un exemple de capes d’usuari (càmpings, refugis, albergs i turisme rural)


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