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Administrative boundaries

Boundaries of municipalities, counties, vegueries, provinces and Catalonia. Capitals of the municipalities, counties and provinces are also included

Geographic base that contains the current limits of the different administrative divisions that make up the territorial organization of Catalonia: the municipalities, the counties, the unique territorial entity of the Val d'Aran and the veguerías; it also contains provincial boundaries, the setting of which is a state competence. It also includes the heads of the municipality, region, province, veguería and Catalonia.


The Base is multiscale. The official scale of territorial detail is 1: 5 000. From this, the other scales of less detail are obtained, by cartographic generalization: 1: 50,000, 1: 100,000, 1: 250,000, 1: 500,000, and 1: 1,000,000.



Last update: 28/09/2023


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