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Vector tiles and styles to make light weight maps and apps

If you are a developer you can use our vector cartography in your apps and websites

On this page we will gather, on the one hand, the sources of data (sources) that we have generated in MBTiles vector format of different official data sets and, on the other hand, the styles that allow us to visualize this data with different types of selectable symbolizations.
The combination of vector data and styles allows to have light maps to consume in online applications in a simple way, and the download of these MBTiles and the corresponding style also allows having these same maps in offline applications.

To make maps easily, we have prepared a sample file o save as HTML, where you can paste, on line 27, any of these styles to see the data with the appearance that we have created.



  • Redtopo (110 MB): MBTiles file of toponymy.{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf

  • Bt5mfinal (1,3 GB): all layers of Topographic Base 1: 5,000, without altimetry.{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf

  • Bt5propi (1,4 GB): all the layers of the Topographic Base 1: 5,000 and a layer with the buffer for the populations, without altimetry.{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf

  • Altimetry (3,3 GB): Only the level and level curves of the Topographic Base 1: 5,000.{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf


The fonts associated with the texts and icons that are displayed on the maps also have their own address on the ICGC servers, but you can change them for your own, if necessary, simply by changing the addresses:

  • "glyphs": "{fontstack}/{range}.pbf"

  • "sprite": ""


We share

If you are thinking of using this data in other applications, we offer you our support. And, if you make a new style and send us the link by mail, we can put it in the sample gallery.
As always, we ask that you send us your comments and suggestions to improve all that we are doing.