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Consell assessor de túnels (Advisory Council for Tunnels)

The ICGC is part of the Advisory Council for Tunnels, which supervises the public works in tunnels and other singular works in Catalonia

In 2007, the Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works (currently within the Department of Territory and Sustainability) formed the Advisory Council for tunnels and other singular works. The Minister Joaquim Nadal formed the Advisory Council for tunnels and other singular works.

Espai de treball Túnels

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This advisory body, formed by eight experts in the field, aims to advise during the projection and execution of these types of works, of special technical complexity, to improve safety and environmental sustainability throughout the process.
In this way, the Public Works Law is complied with, which provides for special attention to these types of projects.

The Parliament of Catalonia approved the Public Works Law at the end of June 2007, with the aim of reinforcing the planning and execution requirements of public works under the Generalitat's competence and guaranteeing maximum safety, sustainability, as well as expected deadlines. To materialize these principles, the norm provided for a specific treatment for works of special relevance and technical difficulty, such as tunnels.
In this sense, the Advisory Council for Tunnels and other singular works was constituted, formed by eight experts in the matter coming from the university and professional fields, as established by the Law. The members of the new Council are:

  • Jesús Carrera Ramírez, member of the Association of Civil Engineers of Catalonia
  • Vicente Gutiérrez Peinador, member of the College of Mining Engineers of the North-East
  • Jordi Corominas i Dulcet, Professor of Land Engineering, member of the Official College of Geologists of Catalonia
  • Dídac Plana i Aguilar, member of the Association of Geological Engineers
  • Joan Palau i Ramírez, Deputy Director of Engineering and Geological Resources of the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia
  • Eduardo Alonso Pérez de Ágreda, Professor of Land Engineering of the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports
  • Antoni Gens i Solé, Professor of Land Engineering of the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports
  • Jordi Jubany i Casanovas, member of the Department of Territory and Sustainability and secretary of this council

Advice and control

The mission of the Advisory Council of tunnels and other unique works is the advice and the continuous supervision during the drafting of projects and the execution of the works of tunnels and other activities of special complexity that are the competence of the Generalitat, as well as works promoted by Other local entities, if they require it.
In this sense, the new body will be responsible for carrying out different tasks for the constant monitoring of these projects:

  • Establish the methodological criteria, the geological and geotechnical studies and the other requirements in order to project and execute the works
  • Assess the observations to the technical audit that the designer can carry out and to adopt the corresponding resolution
  • Evaluate the quality of work in the execution of tunnels and other works
  • Propose measures to improve the safety of the actions

The Council depends on the Secretariat of Infrastructures and Mobility of the Generalitat, which must ensure that this organ performs its objectives in accordance with current regulations.


Law 3/2007, of July 4, of Public works (357 kb, catalan)

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