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Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Registration desk at the Casa Convalescència Hall

Opening Ceremony: A. Paya-Pérez (European Commission-JRC), R. Eichhorn (Freistaat Bayern), D. Calvet (Generalitat de Catalunya), G. Bortone (Emilia-Romagna), K. Verbruggen (EuroGeoSurveys), A. Roca (Organising Committee)

A. Roca (Organising Committee)

K. Verbruggen (EuroGeoSurveys)

R. Eichhorn (Freistaat Bayern)

G. Bortone (Emilia-Romagna)

D. Calvet (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Assistants observing posters of Geological 3D Modelling

Posters sessions Soils

Key note speech: Soil Degradation and International Commitment for the Protection of Soil by A. Payá-Pérez (European Commission-JRC)

Presentation of contributions in the Geology room

Presentation of contributions in the Soils room

Participants to the social dinner in the Olympic Port of Barcelona

Farewell drink

Closing ceremony by X. Berástegui (Scientific Committe)

Farewell drink

Field trip 17th to Friday 19th. From field data to 3D models
(Tremp area, Southern Pyrenees)