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Recorded earthquakes and seismic information

Information on seismic communications, recorded earthquakes, live seismograms, the Catalan seismic network, seismic information and maps.                    
Know about SISMOCAT

Recorded earthquakes

Earthquakes recorded by the Catalan Seismic Network

Geoíndex - Sismologia

Localització d'epicentres instrumentals (1977-2021) i macrosísmics (880ac-2019)

Seismic information and maps collections

Seismic bulletins, seismic atlas, seismic databases, seismicity maps, mesozonation maps...


Access to distributed seismic data via the ICGC EIDA node.

Instrumentation and control networks

Monitoring services with control networks as indispensable tools that allow to locate, predict and measure the activity of natural phenomena


Improving knowledge of seismic risk and exposed elements by providing tools to support the cross-border population