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WMS and tiles Reference cartography

Use basic mapping (topographic maps, orthophotos ...) in your applications, using WMS geoservices, WMTS or vector tiles

WMS Current maps and orthophotos

WMS service that includes all the current ICGC maps and orthophotos organized by layers

WMS Grey maps

WMS service that includes ICGC gray maps organized by layers

WMS Orthophotos

WMS service that contains all ICGC orthophotos 

Fast WMS/WMTS of raster cartography

WMS and WMTS service of a cartographic map pyramid in gray tones and orthophoto generated in various resolutions according to the visualization scale

Fast WMS/WMTS of shaded relief

WMS and WMTS service of a cartographic pyramid of shading (layers type: clear, dark and very dark) with a maximum viewing scale of 1: 25,000

Vector tiles and styles to make light weight maps and apps

If you are a developer you can use our vector cartography in your apps and websites