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Occupational health and safety policy

The Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) is a public law entity, of the Government of Catalonia having full capacity to act in accordance of its functions, that are those related with the exercise of competences on geodesy and cartography, and on the spatial data infrastructure of Catalonia, as well as those of promoting and carrying out actions related to knowledge, prospecting and information on the soil and subsoil in the terms established in its Statutes (Catalan version).

The detail of its functions and strategies are published and available on the presentation page.

In addition, the Institute as the willingness to reach health and safety highest levels, undertakes to carry out its activity with maximum respect for its environment, because of the impact that this all entails for employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

This policy is a reference framework to achieve occupational health and safety goals.

For this purpose, the ICGC approves this policy and has provided the necessary resources to implement the necessary mechanisms, according to the following commitments:

  • Eliminate dangers and reduce risks in terms of safety and health of people by preventing incidents, accidents and occupational diseases and the risks caused by the activities, facilities, products and services of the ICGC.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and health deterioration,by assigning the appropriate human, technical and financial resources to make it possible to fulfil with this commitment.
  • Continuously improve the performance of the occupational risk prevention, in this management system, valuing the organization context and enhancing improvement opportunities.
  • Warrant the staff participation and consultation right throughout the process.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements and other requirements applicable to all activities, facilities, products and services of the ICGC.
  • Train all the people involved in the environmental and preventive management of the ICGC and sensitize all staff in the exercise of their individual and collective responsibilities.
  • Selection of contractors and suppliers considering security criteria consistent with those adopted by the ICGC.


For all these reasons, the ICGC Management undertakes to document, implement and a keep up to date this policy, putting the necessary resources at its disposal and committing itself its dissemination to all stakeholders. This policy is kept available to staff and the general public using appropriate means for its dissemination.


Miriam Moysset Gil
Director of the ICGC

Barcelona, 20th of December 2022.


ISO 45001. Services in Geodesy, Cartography, Geology, Geophysics and Soils


To this end, the ICGC deploys and update the Occupational Health and Security Management System (SGSSL) conform to the Standard ISO45001 with the scope: “Services in Geodesy, Cartography, Geology, Geophysics and Soils"

Revision date: 20th of December 2022.