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Conventional signs

They are the graphic representation of the types of contacts among the cartographic units. The black thin lines represents the sedimentary contacts, and in thick lines represents the mechanical contacts and the structures of folding. The blue lines represents the intrisive contacts are represented, and in red and green lines the limits of the metamorphic zones. The prompt symbols indicate the dip of the capes or other planar o linear structures.


3D block Concordant contact

Concordant contact 

3D block Discordant contact

Discordant contact

3D block Transitional contact

Transitional contact

3D block Thrust / Reverse fault

Reverse fault

3D block Normal fault

Normal fault

2D scheme Double movement faults

Double movement faults

3D block Syncline


3D block Anticline


3D block Fossilized structure

Fossilized structure

3D block Intrusive contact / Limit of metamorphic zone

Intrusive contact
Limit of metamorphic zone

3D block Dip direction and angle

Dip direction and angle

3D block Stratification dip

Stratification dip

3D block Schistosity / Intersection lineation

Intersection lineation