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Geological and geothematic cartography

Homogeneus geological, soil and geothematic cartography at appropriate scales for country and urban planning

Geological cartography

Geological maps at different scales, 3D geologic model ...

Hydrogeological cartography

Hydrogeological map 1:25,000, Map of hydrogeological areas 1:250,000, other hydrogeological maps...

Geological risks cartography

Map of geological risks prevention 1:25,000, Map of areas of avalanches 1:25,000

Soil cartography

Map of soils 1:25.000

Geotechnical map of Barcelona

Maps, reports and columns of the most representative surveys of the subsoil of Barcelona 1: 25,000

Geophysical and seismic maps

Aeromagnetic map, gravimetric maps, seismic maps ...