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Install Fira Sans font

The place names of the new ICGC vector formats have been optimized for the Fira Sans font. Although this font is not available by default on some operating systems (Windows), it is open licensed and can therefore be downloaded and installed free of charge.

Here are some brief instructions for installing this font that works on different versions of Windows. It is necessary for the user to refer to the instructions for their specific operating system in case these instructions do not apply.

Some organizations may have a policy on installing fonts. In case of doubt, it is necessary for users to consult with the IT departments of the organization itself prior to following these instructions.


Unzip the downloaded file

Once the source has been downloaded, a "FiraSans.zip" file will be obtained, which we must unzip in a directory on the disk. For example, right clicking and "Extra".

Instalar las fuentes seleccionadas

A whole series of files with a .ttf extension will appear, which we can install by clicking on the "Install" option from the right-click menu.

We can verify that they have been installed by browsing the C:\Window\Fonts directory. From that moment they should appear as available in the GIS with which we work (perhaps it will have to be restarted if we already had it open).