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Presentation ICC

What is the ICC?

The Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (hereinafter, ICC), was a public law entity of the Government of Catalonia, subject to private legislation and regulated by Llei 16/2005, de 27 de desembre [79.1 kB] , on geographic information and the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya and by Decree 398/2006, of October 24th [73.9 kB] . The ICC was attached to the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia.

Since it was created in 1982, resuming the work started by the geographic services of the Mancomunitat and the Government of Catalonia during the Republic, the ICC focused its efforts on giving cartographic studies and production in Catalonia a high level of innovation and modernity.

The ICC, exercising the competences of geodesy and cartography given by the Catalan Government, had the following duties:

  • Establish, manage, preserve and improve the physical infrastructure and technological systems needed to build and manage the Integrated Geodetic Positioning System of Catalonia, and maintenance of the topographical databases that support it. Within the limits of the competences of the Government of Catalonia, the Integrated Geodetic Positioning System of Catalonia (SPGIC) gives support to the great scale cartographic series, to land and town planning, to the rural and urban cadastre, to the public work in Catalonia and to analogue activities where it can be applicable to.
  • Carry out aerial metric image coverage of Catalonia, with both passive and active sensors, and maintain these sensors and the necessary bases of information and knowledge to handle both the geographic and thematic data produced by aerospace remote sensing.
  • Establish and maintain the cartographic databases and the series derived from them, which give support to the establishing of urban and territorial series.
  • Collaborate with Spanish Administration bodies which have cartographic competences and coordinate and cooperate with the local bodies of Catalonia in this field.
  • Lead and manage the Map Library of Catalonia, which coordinates the collection and the study of the existing geographic and cartographic documents.
  • Create, structure, divulge and maintain the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia (IDEC) and, at the same time, collaborate with other entities and means of the Catalan Government to carry out and improve, in a permanent way, this infrastructure.
  • Conduct studies, publish reports or make suggestions within the limits of its duties, addressed to the different departments of the Catalan Government or the Spanish Government, both on their initiative or on its own.
  • Publish and divulge cartographic products.
  • Organise, carry out, lead, advise and create research programmes, innovation programmes and scientific and technical training programmes within the limits of its activities, by itself or jointly with other entities and organisations, particularly with the Catalan Universities and other organisations specialised in cartographic services.
  • Promote the public and private cartographic services, and also research, teaching and technological development in the cartographic field.

In the annual reports you will find, in detail, the tasks carried out by the Institut over the past years.

Awards given to the ICC and its employees.