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Environmental policy

The Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) is a public company of the Government of Catalonia whose most relevant functions are those related to the exercise of competences on geodesy and cartography, and on the spatial data infrastructure of Catalonia, as well as those of promoting and carrying out actions related to knowledge, prospecting and information on the soil and subsoil, in the terms established by Law 16/2005, of December 27, on geographic information and the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia, and by Law 19/2005, of December 27, of the Geological Institute of Catalonia.

The details of the functions and strategies are published and available on the presentation page.

In addition, the ICGC, aware of the current importance of caring for and maintaining the planet, takes into account the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of available resources, thus promoting energy efficiency. Thus, the ICGC is committed to carrying out its activity in a respectful manner towards its environment, taking into account the needs and expectations of the identified interest groups.

Thus, the ICGC has the adequate resources to implement the necessary mechanisms that guarantee the protection of the environment, assuming the following commitments:

  • Optimize the use of available natural resources, emphasizing the concept of energy efficiency and its application.
  • Make ICGC products and services available to users, optimizing available resources, with a clear trend towards digitizing products and services.
  • Continuously improve environmental performance, promoting the use of the management system tool, assessing the context and enhancing opportunities for improvement.
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements.
  • Continuously train and sensitize all staff regarding individual and collective responsibilities in environmental matters, especially those who are directly involved in the ICGC's environmental management.
  • Continuously select and evaluate contractors and suppliers, in accordance with the environmental criteria adopted by the ICGC.

For all these reasons, the ICGC Management undertakes to implement and keep this policy updated, putting the necessary resources at its disposal and committing to its dissemination in all relevant interest groups.


Miriam Moysset Gil
Director of the ICGC

Barcelona, 20th of December 2022.


To this end, the ICGC deploys and update the Environmental Management System (SGA) conform to the Standard ISO 14001:2015 with the scope Services in Geodesy, Cartography, Geology, Geophysics and Soils.

Revision date: 20th of December 2022.