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Environmental, energy and occupational health and safety policy

The  Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) is a public company of the Government of Catalonia. Its functions and strategies are published and available on the presentation page.

In addition, the ICGC, aware of the importance of the Environment, of the need for its protection, the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of available resources, as well as the willingness to reach health and safety highest levels, undertakes to carry out its activity with maximum respect for its environment, because of the impact that this all entails for workers, clients and other interested parties.

For this purpose, the ICGC has provided the necessary resources to implement the necessary mechanisms, according to the following commitments

  • Make ICGC services available to users in the most appropriate way, ensuring that their use can be carried out with the least possible resources: to promote the Internet with regard to paper, to improve the usability of the website and the offer of geoservices and digital products.
  • Optimization of natural resources use, trying to minimize the consumption and, above all, to minimize the consumption of energy resources.
  • Prevention of pollution and incidents, accidents and occupational diseases, minimizing the negative environmental impacts and risks to the health and safety of people, caused by the activities, facilities, products and services of the ICGC, by assigning the appropriate human, technical and financial resources to make it possible to comply with this commitment.
  • Continuous improvement in the environmental, energy and occupational risk prevention compliance of this management system by setting objectives and targets, performing periodic audits, appropriate revisions of the system, etc., guaranteeing in throughout the process the right of participation and consultation of the workers.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements and other requirements applicable to all activities, facilities, products and services of the ICGC.
  • Promotion of the training and sensitization of all the people involved in the environmental and preventive management of the ICGC, sensitizing all staff in the exercise of their individual and collective responsibilities, the fulfilment of these commitments and the achievement of the goals set.
  • Selection of contractors and suppliers taking into account environmental and security criteria consistent with those adopted by the ICGC.
  • Take into account internal and external issues that may affect it, as well as the needs and expectations of the parties concerned, with the aim of preventing or reducing risks and promoting the opportunities for improvement that may affect the environmental and ORP management system.

For this reason, the ICGC's Direction takes on the commitment of documenting, implementing and keeping up to date this policy, providing the necessary available resources and committing itself to disseminate it among all the interested parties. This policy is at the disposal of staff and the general public and appropriate means for its dissemination are used.

Jaume Massó i Cartagena
Director of the ICGC

Barcelona, 12th May 2017