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Geoindex - Hydrogeological Mapping

Consult the continuous hydrogeological cartography at different scales

Geoindex - Hydrogeological cartography includes the following information datasets:

The Map of Hydrogeological Areas of Catalonia 1: 250,000 (MAH250M v1.0, 2017) is a tool for representing and disseminating the hydrogeological characteristics of the territory and the subsoil. It is a 1: 250,000 scale synthesis of the hydrogeological macrunities into which the territory can be divided, called hydrogeological areas, and includes the classification of the geological formations of the Geological Map of Catalonia 1: 250,000 in hydrogeological formations taking into account their lithological characteristics. The first edition of this map was published in 1992 by the Geological Survey of Catalonia (Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works). 24 years later, the review and updating of the MAH250M aims to remain a benchmark that facilitates the synthesis and exposure of the hydrogeological context of an area, in regional studies and feasibility and planning studies. This update has been carried out by the ICGC with the collaboration of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA).

Hydrogeological Mapping continues at a scale of 1: 25.000 is a set of geothematic information related to the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of groundwater, the medium that contains it and the associated hydrogeological elements such as wells, piezometers, springs and water mines. It represents a homogenization of a part of the original information collected and published in sheets and in paper format between the years 2010 and 2017 (Geowork V) to which additional hydrogeological information is incorporated based on the new digital geological cartography 1: 25.000 (ICGC, 2021). The published data are collected in the new relational and spatial database of the Information System of the Hydrogeological Map of Catalonia (BDSIMHCat) implemented in the PostgreSQL database management system and the PostGIS module.

The Hydrogeological units at a scale of 1:50,000 based on INSPIRE data specification of the Directive 2077/2/EC, represents the delimitation of aquifers, aquifer systems, aquicludes and aquitards of Catalonia based on the geological database 1:50.000 (BG50M_v1r1, 2007). It has been carried out in collaboration with the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) and is the basis from which the main aquifers are delimited, allowing the definition of groundwater bodies (GWB) as management units under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The delimitation, classification and characterization of each hydrogeological unit have been carried out from the review and update of the aquifer's delimitation in Catalonia at a scale of 1:50.000 made by the Catalan Water Agency (ACA, 2013) and its data model has been adapted to the technical guide for geological data specifications of the INSPIRE Directive and the guide for the transformation of spatial geology data sets.

Last update

  • Date: December 2022.
  • Content: The layer of hydrogeological units at a scale of 1:50.000 based on INSPIRE has been added. The following sets of information from the cartography at a scale of 1:25.000 has been updated and extended: water points (1.340 sources and 4.882 wells), physicochemical parameters, piezometry and flow lines, continuous formations and hydrogeological units mapping.
  • Legend: Hydrogeological Cartography Geoindex viewer [PDF, 700 Kb; catalan]
Cartografia hidrogeològica digital continua a escala 1:25.000

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