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Geoindex - Hydrogeological Mapping

Map of Hydrogeological Areas of Catalonia 1:250,000

The Map of Hydrogeological Areas of Catalonia 1:250.000 (MAH250M v01r01, 2017) is a tool for the representation and dissemination of territory and subsoil hydrogeological characteristics. It is a synthesis of 1:250.000 scale of the hydrogeological macro-units in which the territory could be divided (named hydrogeological areas), and includes the classification of the geological formations identified in the Geological Map of Catalonia 1:250.000 into hydrogeological formations, taking into account their lithology.

First edition of this map was published in 1992 by the Geological Survey of Catalonia (Territorial Policy and Public Works Department). 24 years later, the review and update of the MAH pretends to continue being a reference that provides the synthesis and exposition of the hydrogeological context of an area and also in regional and feasibility studies and planning. This update has been made from the ICGC with the collaboration of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA).

The ICGC also works in the elaboration of detailed hydrogeological mapping and in particular in the development of the Geowork V – Hydrogeological Map of Catalonia at 1:25.000 scale


Legend of the Hydrogeological Cartography Geoindex viewer [PDF, 68 kB; catalan]

WMS Hydrogeological cartography

This geoinformation can be used online in your applications supporting the WMS protocol

Last update

  • Date: November 2017
  • Content: In the information layer about aquifer media according to lithology, volcanic aquifers have been divided into: volcanic aquifers with intergranular porosity (D1) volcanic aquifers with fractured porosity (D2)

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