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Progress status of the Geoworks programs of geological and geotematic mapping

The instrument for the realization of the Geological Map of Catalonia corresponds to the following Geoworks:

The Geoindex Geoworks viewer shows the progress status of the six cartographic series and allows the download of published maps, in GeoPDF raster format and in Shape vector format.

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  • Data: September 2022.
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En el cas del Geotreball VI, en els àmbits geogràfics dels fulls no publicats es poden produir fenòmens geològics que impliquin perillositat


In accordance with article 3.2.k. of Law 19/2005 on the creation of the IGC (currently ICGC), the Institute must develop the Geological Map of Catalonia, on the scales of territorial and urban planning. The official status of the Geological Map of Catalonia is determined by its inclusion in the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia (Law 16/2005, of December 27 and Decree 398/2006, of October 24).
The Geological Map of Catalonia is configured as the fundamental infrastructure for study and advice to public administrations and society in general, and provides information on the soil and the subsoil. The Map provides geological, edaphological and, in general, geotechnical information that is adequate to support territorial and urban planning, the execution of works by public administrations, prevention and, in general, risk management, as well as to the rest of activities that require geological, edaphological or, in general, geotechnical information.
The Geological Map of Catalonia is a set of geological, geological, or geotechnical information sets that are represented on topographical cartographic support. It is structured in a set of six programs and projects (Geotreballs) that have the purpose of generating geological, geological and geotechnical information of base and facilitate its graphical representation.
The contents of the sheets are essentially descriptive, although, like all geological, edaphological and geotechnical maps, they have a certain interpretative component.