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Catalan Macroseismic Database

The Catalan Macroseismic database contains information on earthquake felt by the population. For each earthquake intensities picks received in different populations around the epicenter. The maps are published with a publisher's online database that displays macroseismic intensities perceived (MIDOP).

MIDOP has been developed by the Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology Nationale Milan (Italy) and applied to the database of the ICGC through participation in the European project NERIES (2006-2010).

NEtwork of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology (NERIES)

NA4: Distributed Archive of Historical Earthquake Data

Escala d'Intensitats MSK

Descripció detallada de l'escala MSK basada en la definició original de l'escala MSK-64

Centuries XIV and XV: Historical seismicity of Catalonia (1373-1450)

During the fourteenth and fifteenth place in Catalonia various earthquakes that produced significant damage. Some of these big shock came to receive up to two hundred miles away (Spain and France). The existence of contemporary sources of medieval Catalonia allows us to study in more detail these earthquakes. The good state of preservation of ancient documents and rich description of the events have allowed us to make a relatively reliable reconstruction.

This website contains macroseismic data of earthquakes in Catalonia, compiled by C. Olivera, E. Redondo, J. Lambert, Melis A. Riera and A. Roca (2006), in the book entitled "Els terratrèmols dels Segles XIV i XV a Catalunya (PDF, 20 MB)", made available to the public as part of the project activities NERIES EU (April 2010).

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Centuries XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX (in prep.)

Centuries XX-XXI (1914-2008)

In the early twentieth century, when an earthquake was perceived macroseismic surveys were carried out to the people of the area affected by the Fabra Observatory (from 1914), of which the originals are preserved. Since 1984 have been conducted jointly with the Geological Institute of Catalonia (formerly Geological Survey of Catalonia). The database contains over 5000 records perceived intensities. The list of earthquakes felt until 1996, with its main parameters can be found in the Atles Sísmic de Catalunya published in 1999.