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Fabra Observatory

Seismic information from Fabra Observatory (Records 1906-1996 and Reports 1943-1996)


The Fabra Observatory belongs, since its founding in 1904, to the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona, scientific reference institution in Barcelona since 1764. Since its origins the seismic section is devoted primarily to the study of the regional seismicity and has created and maintained a continuous instrumental record of seismicity.

Since 1984, the Geological Survey, now Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia, operates the Seismic network of Catalonia and collaborates with the Fabra Observatory in order to increase the knowledge about the sismicity in Catalonia.

The records and documents on regional seismicity accumulated in Fabra Observatory are fundamental to the study of historical seismicity in Catalonia. For a better preservation and exploitation both institutions work together to digitize them and make them available to the public. The original documents are property of Fabra Observatory and the use of these digitized versions is freely allowed for non-lucrative study or investigation purposes as long as the responsible institutions are properly cited (Fabra Observatory - Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona and Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia). For distribution or public or commercial use the solicitor will be responsible for processing and obtaining all required permits in advance.

The documentation here avalaible has been gouped in the following typologies:


Observatori Fabra

View of Fabra Observatory just after its inauguration in 1904.

Foto Observatori Fabra

Current view of Fabra Observatory.

Foto Observatori Fabra

View of seismometers installed in the semi-underground room (ca. 1914).