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Roquetes seismic station (EROQ)

Code: EROQ Name: Roquetes Latitude: 40.82320 N Longitude: 0.40883 E Height: 284 m

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Vs30 (m/s)

EC8 Class

F0 (Hz)

Detrital matherials and calcarenites

Upper Tertiary




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Short period



The Roquetes seismic station (EROQ) was installed on February 12, 1987 by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) as part of the "National Seismic Network". It is located several kilometres apart of the old EBR seismic station. Collaboration between the OE and the SGC allowed several subsequent improvements until November 1, 2003 when the station was definitively shut down.

Roquetes seismic station (EROQ).

The waveforms from this seismic station were recorded on thermal paper at the OE. Thanks to the collaboration between the OE and the ICGC, the entire series of thermal paper recordings of this station, preserved in the OE, have been scanned, in grayscale and with a density of 1200dpi.


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Seismic record of Roquetes (EROQ) analog seismic station for 20-21 May 1992. A record of a teleseism is observed at the top and at the bottom the record of a nuclear explosion in China.