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Final considerations

During the technical visit to the zones damaged by the Al Hoceima Earthquake several considerations had been concluded that, although being well known, are frequently forgotten:

  1. The correct application of the seismic constructive normative are of vital importance especially in countries with a moderate seismicity on where neither the population or the administration had developed seismic conscience. The correct planning of the territory is essential to prevent these disasters. Once the seismic sources are located, the development of towns close to them should be avoided and if towns are developed the constructive normative should be respected.
  2. Good structural design of structures and the use of good quality materials are of extremely importance. It is very important to establish organisms to control the constructive process.
  3. Geotechnical studies are a useful tool for architects and engineers because allow knowing precise characteristics of the soil ant its behavior that can play a negative role amplifying the seismic movement.
  4. It is clear that the technical people involved on the design of buildings and the damage evaluations have a poorknowledge about the seismic phenomenon.
  5. It is necessary to create multidisciplinary groups within the seismic engineering field to help in the disaster prevention with experience in the fields of seismology, seismic engineering and emergency management to take rapid actions in the moment of crisis. Experts from different countries and institutions could compose these groups in order to take rapid action in the time of crisis.
  6. In zones of moderate seismicity, tools like the damage scenarios simulation are helpful for preparing to face a seismic emergency. It would be also helpful to have formularies for the rapid screening of damaged buildings in order to determine it serviceability and to define actions to mitigate damages from future earthquakes.
  7. Also having a good array of seismic instruments (accelerometers and seismographs), of shared ownership, is ideal to characterize the seismic rupture and the caused movements.
  8. A serious problem exists with the transportation of scientific and rescue materials through the border customs. An international organism should be needed to manage the border customs permits during the seismic crisis