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Accelerometric data 1996-2018

Accelerometric recording 1996-2018

The obtained records correspond to moderate earthquakes, mainly non felt by population. In the case that the earthquake was felt the intensity information is included.

•  Recorded earthquakes: 336  •  Seismic station: 1335  •  E-W records: 1270  •  N-S records: 1285 •  V records: 1161  •  Intensity maps: 54  •  Graphs: 3765 

•  Updates codes accelerometric stations (spectra): BINT to BAIN; CELS to CELO; GIRR to CGIR; GIRS to CGIS; GRAM to CGRN; LLIR to CLLI; MONT to CMON; TREM to CTRM (April 2018).


NOTE: Since January 1, 2019, the data is found in the section of earthquakes registered for all those local earthquakes of magnitude equal to or greater than 2.0.