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EIDA webservices

Downloading the waveforms from the seismic stations of the seismic network of Catalonia

ICGC stores in its datacenter the waveforms from all the stations of the Catalan seismic network and makes them available to the public for free and openly through the EIDA (European Integrated Data Archives) webservices.


Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (2000): Catalan Seismic Network. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Other/Seismic Network: doi: 10.7914/SN/CA.

Waveforms archive

Refer to analog seismograms section on the ICGC's web site to request records from ICGC's analog seismic stations.

Archived waveforms are available by the fdsnws-dataselect web service.

Stations metadata

Stations metadata is available in the formats dataless SEED and StationXML through the fdsnws-station web service.

Real time waveforms

Waveforms from seismic stations are available, in real time, by SeedLink protocol on the ICGC's Seedlink server ws.icgc.cat:18000.

Images of these waveforms are available in the live data section on the ICGC's web site.

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