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About geodetic networks

Geodetic networks are made up of a group of points in the territory, called trig points, which are used to measure the land accurately and are usually pillars or markers. The availability of a utilitarian geodetic network in Catalonia, based on the state networks, which are often based on continental networks, is essential for producing highly accurate cartography, on which the different activities that take place in Catalonia are planned, such as public works or any other kind of planning.

The distribution of trig points in the geodetic network adapts to users' needs and to the determining factors of the territory and of technology, both for the implantation and observation of the network, and for those who use it afterwards.

The establishment of the utilitarian geodetic network according to the concept and distribution of the aforementioned points guarantees high accuracy in cartography jobs at all scales, and the homogeneity and continuity of different cartographic work. This involves an increase of geometric quality in any kind of project that is carried out on the territory, and also lower referencing costs.

In order to know the description, location, coordinates and other survey marker-related information, a brief description of the marker is generated. These descriptions can be looked at and printed from the description database of the utilitarian network of Catalonia.