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WMS Maps of Catalonia forest biophysical variables

The geoservice WMS contains the representation of different biophysical variables of the forest of Catalonia

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Technical specifications of the service

  • OGC supported: WMS 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.3.0.
  • EPSG of the source data: 25831.
  • EPDG supported: 23031, 32631, 4230, 4258, 4326, 3857.
  • Formats supported in the answer: GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, SVG+XML.
  • OGC supported methods: GetCapabilities, GetMap, GetFeatureInfo, GetLegendGraphic.
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WMS Biophysical Variables

More information and download of administrative divisions

Layers available

A layer is included for each available biophysical variable and period, in grayscale and in color. It also includes a layer for each biophysical variable, in grayscale and in color, to be used with the TIME parameter. They are all visible at all scales.



Layer name

Rank of scales

Basal area (m2/ha)


All scales

Medium height (m)


All scales

Total air carbon (t/ha)


All scales

Total aerial biomass (t/ha)


All scales

Foliar biomass (t/ha)


All scales

Density of feet per hectare


All scales

Medium normal diameter (cm)


All scales

Arboreal coating


All scales

Volume with bark (m3/ha)


All scales

Specific variable (in gray scale) for each available period


All scales

Specific color variable for each available period


All scales

Specific variable (in grayscale) to be used with the Time parameter


All scales

Specific color variable to be used with the Time parameter


All scales


Lista de variables
  • biomassa_aeria_total: total aerial biomass
  • carboni_aeri_total: total airborne carbon
  • volum_escorca: volume with bark
  • area_basal: basal area
  • biomassa_foliar: foliar biomass
  • recobriment_arbori: arboreal cover
  • diametre_normal_mitja: mean normal diameter
  • alcada_mitjana: average height
  • index_area_foliar: leaf area index
  • densitat_peus_hectarea: density of feet per hectare


[període] the values 2005 or 2016_2017 can be taken, with the exception of the foliar area index and the density of feet per hectare that are only available in the latter period.

Using the WMS GetFeatureInfo request you can obtain the value of the corresponding variable at the selected point.


Exemple of map request