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REST service of coordinate transformation

This service allows you to apply different coordinate system and / or reference changes within the geographical area of Catalonia

URL: http://www.icc.cat/servGeoCalc/calculadores?

You can apply the change of reference system between ED50 and ETRS89 or WGS84, while values can be expressed in geographic coordinates, in UTM projection (zone 31 and N hemisphere) or pseudo-Mercator projection (in the case of the reference system WGS84, used by GoogleMaps).

Technical aspects of the service:

  • Access services via HTTP requests and JSON data interchange format. It is public.
  • Supported EPSG: 25831, 23031, 32631, 4258, 4230, 4326, 3857

Parameters (HTTP GET request)

  • inSR: EPSG coordinate of origin
  • outSR: EPSG coordinate of destination
  • x: UTMx or xcoordinate
  • y: UTMy or ycoordinate
  • jsonp: optional parameter to make Json calls between different domains. For requests outside www.icc.cat domain is necessary to use Jsonp to  avoid crossdomain problems between servers.

JSON Requests (inside www.icc.cat domain)

Response format (JSON): {"geometries":[{"x":"coordenada UTM X o longitud","y":"coordenada UTM Y o latitud"}]}

Request example (JSON):


Response example (JSON):


JSONP Requests (outside www.icc.cat domain)

Response format (JSONP): delicious_callbacks[id]({"geometries":[{"x":"coordenada UTM X o longitud","y":"coordenada UTM Y o latitud"}]})

Request example (JSONP):


Response example (JSONP):


Example of client application that uses this service with Jsonp.