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WMS and WMTS geoservices statement (20.11.2020)

The increasingly stringent security measures incorporated by browsers to avoid content mixed with https:// and http:// protocols make it currently unfeasible to maintain access through the uniform resource locator (URL) of old domains.

We inform you that to access our WMS and WMTS geoservices you must use the domain geoserveis.icgc.cat and, whenever possible, with https:// instead of http://.

Given that there are platforms and applications that do not yet support the https:// protocol, temporarily, http:// queries will also be allowed.

URLs starting with http://mapcache.icc.cat, http://geoserveis.icc.cat, http://siurana.igc.cat and http://siurana.icgc.cat continue to work redirected to https://geoserveis.icgc.cat but we recommend you to replace them to avoid the security blocks of your browsers.


The current URLs of the geoservices can be consulted at https://www.icgc.cat/geoserveis.