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Hydrogeological units at 1:50.000 scale based on INSPIRE

Hydrogeological units delimitation of Catalonia at 1:50,000 scale based on the INSPIRE data model

The delimitation of the Hydrogeological units (UH) at 1:50.000 scale in Catalonia is the representation of aquifers, aquifer systems, aquicludes and aquitards classified according to the hydrogeological data model of the technical guide for geological data specifications of the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC reflected in the documents INSPIRE-TWGG (2012) and CODIIGE GTT-GE (2018), and it is the base from which the main aquifers are delimited allowing to define the groundwater bodies (GWB) as management units in hydrological planning.

Its delimitation, classification and characterization have been carried out by the ICGC and the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) based on the review and update of the delimitation of aquifers in Catalonia at a scale of 1:50.000 made by the ACA in 2013.

The polygons geometry of each of the hydrogeological units has been reviewed and updated according to the 1:50.000 geological database (BG50M_v1r1, 2007) among other delimitation criteria such as the surface watersheds, the network of rivers and/or administrative divisions along the coastline.


Made by:

Agència Catalana de l'Aigua


WMS Hydrogeological cartography

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Accés a les metadades

The “ESRI Geodatabase” (gdb) and “GeoPackage” (gpkg) vector format download files also contain the symbolization files Layerfile (.lyr) for ArcGIS/ArcMap Desktop v10.0 (ESRI) and Layerfile (.lyrx) for ArcGIS Pro and the "qml" type symbolization files compatible with the QGIS open-source software. Hydrogeological units can be represented based on their type or subclass, the type of predominant porosity or the nature of their hydrogeological formations.


Examples of representation of hydrogeological units and factsheets

Delimitation of hydrogeological units at 1:50.000 scale based on INSPIRE and downloadable factsheets.


In Catalonia, there are 210 hydrogeological units listed in following table, from where the factsheet can be downloaded with the main characteristics of each of them. This factsheet can also be downloaded through the ICGC Geoindex – Cartografia hidrogeològica and through the WMS hydrogeology service.



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