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The ICGC, in the Geothermal Working Group of the Cluster of Efficient Energy of Catalonia

The ICGC, institutional partner of the Cluster, participates in the activities of the Geothermal Working Group to promote the exchange of knowledge


Last May of 2019, the Efficient Energy of Catalonia (Clúster de la Energía Eficiente de Cataluña -CEEC) and the ICGC approved the creation of the Geothermal Working Group (Grup de Treball de Geotèrmia -GTG) which is focused on promoting knowledge exchange and the use of geothermal energy in Catalonia.

With this collaboration the CEEC and the ICGC join efforts to increase knowledge of the potential and possible use of geothermal energy in Catalonia. At the same time, the ICGC becomes an institutional partner of the Cluster and goes on to participate in the activities of the new Geothermal Working Group (GTG) formed by private companies, associations and other agencies (public organisations and professional collages). They are represented within the Cluster of the Efficient Energy of Catalonia (CEEC) sharing common interests and objectives in the economic and strategic use of geothermal energy and in general other renewable energy resources in Catalonia.

Reunió de treball del GTG a la seu de l'ICGC (28 de setembre de 2018)

Workshop of the GTG at the headquarters of the ICGC (September 28, 2018)

The purpose of CEEC is to boost energy efficiency in our country through collaboration between companies and technological entities, research and the institutional public sector among others. With this aim, in 2018 the creation of the GTG and its integration in the Cluster was approved, with the aim of promoting geothermal energy as a relevant source of energy in the energy efficient sector. It also will contribute to achieve the energy transition objectives of Catalonia and promote innovation and collaboration between agents identifying opportunities and generating new projects.

Geothermal Working Group (GTG)

In the GTG web link, you will find information on the use of geothermal energy, the most common types of systems, some demonstrating examples of geothermal installations implemented and in operation in Catalonia included in the BdIGSCat (ICGC) and examples of R&D studies and European projects related to this renewable energy.

Within the compilation of air conditioning facilities equipped with shallow geothermal energy in Catalonia presented by the GTG, ICGC has contributed in providing data from the Pyrenees Territorial Support Centre (Centre de Suport Territorial Pirineus -CSTP) of the ICGC where, since 2012, a closed loop heat exchange system is in operation and generates energy for heating and cooling by using a 60 kW power geothermal heat pump.

Example of a descriptive sheet of the geothermal installation in operation at the Pyrenees Territorial Support Centre of the ICGC compiled in the GTG (CEEC)


Geotèrmia. Climatització i producció d'ACS amb energia geotèrmica de molt baixa temperatura
(February 2019; duration 7'29"; catalan locution)

Geothermal Working Group of the Cluster of the Efficient Energy of Catalonia