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Guide for the preparation of Geological Hazard Identification Studies

The ICGC reports the urban procedure

The ICGC reports urban procedures in relation to geological risks, that include landslides, land subsidence and snow avalanches. A guide is provided for the preparation of geological risk identification studies (EIRG).

Active geological processes are natural phenomena that take place throughout the territory that mobilize different amounts of energy with an associated destructive potential that affect the physical and social environment. Geological risk is defined as the interaction between geological processes and human activity described in terms of exposure and vulnerability. This interaction involves situations that can lead to consequences for the well-being of people, the preservation of goods and assets, and economic activity.

Catalan law establishes that urban figures must include information on geological risks in their procedure and approval to achieve the safety and well-being of people, adequate levels of quality of life, environmental sustainability and preservation against natural and technological risks.

  • Decree 305/2006 of July 18, approving the Urban Planning Law Regulations (articles 5, 59, 69, 72, 84 and 86).
  • Legislative Decree 1/2010, of August 3, Consolidated Text of the Urban Planning Law (articles 9 and 51).
  • Law 3/2012, of February 22, modifying the revised text of the Law (articles 9 and 51).

According the current law, the ICGC compulsorily informs the urban planning, indicating the possibility that the geological risk affects the development of the new planning instruments. The reports on geological risk issued by the ICGC, which are based on the information provided in the plan itself, indicate whether in the territorial scope that includes the planning under consideration, the risk limits, conditions or prevents the foreseing planning.

Guide for the EIRG elaboration

Considering the large number of figures submitted to public information, the ICGC and the Secretary of the Urban and Territorial Agenda consider necessary that the geological risk study be systematized incorporating a specific study EIRG.

The objective of the EIRG is to identify and characterize the geological phenomena that can affect the sustainable development of a new urban sector in relation to the incidence of geological risk. This study must be provided by the promoter of the Urban Development figure.

The EIRG guide, more than a guide for the elaboration of the study in strictum sense, is the document by means the promoter of the plan knows the criteria that ICGC uses to determine if the geological hazard conditions the development of a sector.


Descarrega la Guia per l’elaboració d’Estudis d'Identificació de Riscos Geològics (EIRG)

L'actualització d'abril 2021 inclou els annexos de lliscaments i, despreniments i caigudes de roques [PDF, 2 MB]