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What is a geological map

Definition of geological map

A geological map is the representation, about a topographic map, of the different types of rocks that outcrop in the terrestrial area and the types of contacts among them. For distinguishing the rocks colors are used. In a geological map the tectonic structures (folds and faults), fossil beds, fountains, mineral resources, etc. are also reflected. 

The geological map is the representation of the different types of rocks and contacts that emerge on the earth's surface on a topographic map


For what reason are made the geological maps 

The realization of the geological maps replies a use responsible of the territory itself as a natural resource, as well as of the mineral resources that in him they find, to the need to know the territory for making some. 


Why they are published

The publication of the geological maps is due to the commitment of divulging the knowledge about the nature of the territory.