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Data capture

The ICGC has airborne sensors to capture aerial photographs (vertical and oblique), lidar, hyperspectral and thermal data


Aerial photos in the visible and near infrared spectrum.

Lidar data. 3D points of the territory (multiple densities).

Data in different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radiances and temperatures.

Technical resources


Partenavia P-68 Observer

L'avió Partenavia P-68 Observer.

Ceiling: 4.267 m
Speed: 296 Km/h
Pressurized: No
Engine: Piston Lycoming IO 360 A1 B6.
Motion: Propeller (2)
Comments: Gasoline AVGAS 100LL, high wing, fixed undercarriage

Cessna Caravan 208B

L'avió Cessna Caravan 208B.

Ceiling: 7.010 m
Speed: 222-407 Km/h
Pressurized: No
Engine: TurboPro
Motion: Propeller
Comments: 3 holes for sensors, forats per a sensors, gran autonomia, gran capacitat de càrrega, possibilitat d'aterrar en pistes curtes

Beechcraft B200GT

L'avió Beechcraft B200GT.

Ceiling: 10.668 m
Speed: 570 Km/h
Pressurized: Yes
Engine: TurboPro
Motion: Propeller (2)
Comments: 2 holes for sensors, optical glass Schott BK-7 grade A, high cruise speed increasing production and movement capability

Capture sensors and devices

Digital photogrammetric camera Z/I Imaging DMC
(2 units)

La càmera fotogramètrica digital Z/I Imaging DMC.

To obtain photos in the visible and near infrared spectrum.

Spectral resolution: 4 panchromatic CCDs and 4 multispectral CCDs (blue, green red, near infrared)
Radiometric resolution: 12 bits per band
Field of view: 69.3º x 42º

LiDAR Leica ALS50-II

El sensor LiDAR Leica ALS50-II.

To obtain 3D points of the territory.

Frequency: 0 - 90 Hz
Multiple targets: up to 4
Intensity: 8 bits
Field of view: 0º - 75º

Hyperspectral sensor itres CASI-550

El sensor hiperespectral itres CASI-550.

To obtain data in different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Spectral resolution: 400-1000 nm
Spectral channels: up to 288
Spatial resolution: 550 pixels
Field of view: 40.4º

Thermal sensor itres TASI-600

El sensor tèrmic itres TASI-600.

To obtain radiances and temperatures.

Spectral resolution: 8.0-11.5 microns
Spectral channels: up to 32
Spatial resolution: 600 pixels
Field of view: 40º