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Sentinel-2 orthoimages monthly

Continuous mosaic of monthly images captured by the Sentinel-2 satellite

It contains Sentinel Copernicus data from 2015 on modified by the ICGC.


Key features

  • Pixel size: 10 m.
  • Covering: all Catalonia.
  • Update frequency: monthly.
  • Types: RGB and IRC.
  • Available formats: GeoTIFF 8 bits and GeoTIFF 16 bits.


Example of monthly Sentinel 2 images in RGB and IRC 8-bit format

Reduced version of monthly Sentinel 2 images in RGB and IRC 8 bit format


You can use these images freely including the following text:
"Contains data from Sentinel Copernicus, modified by the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia".
Sentinel-2 images comparator

View the changes of the territory between different available dates

WMS / WMS-Time

This geoinformation can be used online in your applications supporting the WMS / WMS-Time protocol


Metadata. Dates, specifications and other details

STAC catalog

The stac catalog facilitates interoperability with other programs and integration with other satellite data catalogs