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Map of lithological groups of Catalonia 1:250,000

The Map of lithological groups of Catalonia 1: 250,000 has been produced from the generalization of the geological units 1: 250,0000, aggregated in 39 lithological groups according to their petrological, mineralogical and geochemical characteristics (1st edition, year 2006).

SHP format

The ZIP file that is downloaded includes the following files:

  • mgl250mv01.style: ESRI style library.
  • mgl250mv01p.lyr: Layerfile file for loading the recommended visualization for data and symbolization.
  • mgl250mv01p_etrs89: Shapefile that contains the following fields:
    • EPI_LITO_1: Epigraph of the cartographic unit of the map.
    • DESCRIPCIO: Description of the unit.
    • LITO: Epigraph assigned to the lithology of the unit according to the origin:
      • E: Evaporitic.
      • C: Carbonated.
      • D: Detrital (granulometry: g, coarse; h, heterogranular; m, median; f: fine).
      • O: Organic or organogenic plant.
      • P: Plutonic.
      • V: Volcanic.
      • M: Metasedimentary.
      • G: Orthogneisic.
      • E: Evaporitic.
    • CHEMISME: Epigraph assigned to chemistry and / or mineralogy:
      • Q: Silicic.
      • Si: Silicated.
      • Mx: Silicic / Silicate / Carbonated.
      • Do: Dolomite.
      • Su: Sulfates.
      • Cl: Chlorides.
      • Mo: Organic vegetable material.
      • Pl: Plurilithic units.

The geodetic reference system of the distributed data is ETRS89 UTM31N.

Notice: There may be divergences in the coastline with the latest version of the Topographic base 1:250,000.

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This cartography is under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.
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