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Cartography of Catalonia forest biophysical variables

Representation of the different biophysical parameters of the forests in Catalonia

Main features

  • Resolution: 20 m
  • Year represented: 2005
  • Biophysical variables represented: total air carbon, total air biomass, volume with bark, leaf biomass, basal area, covered housing fraction, average normal diameter and average height

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The maps of biophysical variables of the Catalan trees of 20 m resolution have been made from the LiDAR coverage data of Catalonia (LiDARCAT) using the information of the structural characteristics of the forest masses that these data provide.

The statistical models that allow obtaining the maps for each variable and for each 20 m pixel have been obtained from the structural information from the LiDAR data and data derived from forest inventory plots. These models have been applied only to tree coverings, provided by the latest version of the Land Cover Map of Catalonia (MCSC) for the year 2009.

Biophysical variables have been estimated in the state they were in 2005. They could not be updated to a closer date due to the lack of more current field sampling.