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Wi-GIM Life

Wireless sensors network for ground instability monitoring for the subsidence and landslides

The ICGC participates in the Wireless Sensors Network for Ground Instability Monitoring (Wi-GIM) project, funded by the EU's LIFE+ program for the development of a radio wave-based monitoring system of the ground motion. The ICGC is responsible for the implementation and validation of the system in the neighborhood of the Sallent Station to study the phenomenon of subsidence.

The Wi-GIM project aims to develop a precise, flexible and low-cost system for the monitoring of the deformation of the ground, and specifically, to measure the movement produced on the surface by acquiring the position (x, y, z) of each of the different sensors of the system organized in a network. This system allows the measurement of the three-dimensional deformation of the terrain.

27.01.2017.  Jornada sobre monitorització del terreny com a eina de gestió del risc i presentació del Projecte Europeu Wi-GIM, ICGC Barcelona [Programme and presentations]