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To demonstrate the technological and commercial viability of an intelligent system for monitoring the territory

In the market for Satellite Earth Observation data, it has been detected that the main obstacle is the non-agile transfer of satellite images to application developers or end users.

The EOSMS project (Earth Observation Smart Monitoring System) aims to demonstrate the technological and commercial viability of an intelligent system for monitoring the territory, integrated into a database of Earth observation satellite images to meet the need of users. The main milestone is to generate a prototype or demonstrator of a system that, based on customer needs, collects and processes satellite images in a reactive and intelligent way to detect changes in the territory, generate alerts in the event of a relevant change and manage the requests for the operation of the available satellites.

The development of this monitoring system will include an automated joint alert management service, from both satellite images and ground sensors, integrated with satellite planning, to offer the user personalized recommendations for the request and acquisition of new images, known as “Tip and Clue”.



INNOTEC EOSMS system architecture




EOSMS at a glance

  • Title: Earth Observation Smart Monitoring System. EOSMS.
  • Budget: 200.000 euros.
  • INNOTEC contribution: 145.731,16 euros (73% of the cost).
  • ICGC budget: 27.933,63 euros.
  • INNOTEC contribution for ICGC: 13.104,53 euros (47%).
  • Start date: 01/01/2022.
  • End date: 31/12/2022.
  • Consortium: Open Cosmos Europe S.L. (enterprise), i2CAT Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya (tecnio) and Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (enterprise).
  • Coordination: Open Cosmos Europe S.L.
  • Website: under construction.
  • Program: funding by INNOTEC program of the Government of Catalonia.


Expected results

Create a tool that acts as a test bench for the development of new image processing and land management technologies.

Transfer knowledge between the participants that allow the creation of innovative products and thus open new market opportunities.

Contribute to digitization and sustainability by being able to increase computing capabilities and product performance through a cloud platform where resource sizing is flexible and on demand.

Generate an ecosystem that helps the creation of companies in Catalonia dedicated to exploiting the Earth observation data market and Internet of Things (IoT).


ICGC tasks and technical actions of the project

ICGC participate in the proposal focusing on the development phase of image processing flows to find, from phenological and biophysical indicators derived from satellite images, change detectors derived from new artificial intelligence architectures.


ICGC will participate in the following workpackages:

WP1 – Selection of the system architecture

This workpackage will evaluate different architectures of the intelligent monitoring system and select the one that adapts better to defined requirements.

WP2 – Development and functional testing of subsystems

In this workpackage the different subsystems and all the functional tests will be carried out at the subsystem level to verify that the requirements are met.

WP3 – System validation

The objective of this workpackage is to validate the integrations of the monitoring system within the data platform and manage the impacts of this integration.


Funded by


This project is funded by INNOTEC program of the Government of Catalonia.