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Fons Lluís Casassas

Fotografia professor Lluís Casassas

Professional records of the geographer Lluís Casassas i Simó (1922-1992) made up of lecture notes, works in progress, various correspondence, etc.

Lluís Casassas played an outstanding role in the geography of Catalonia in the last third of the 20th century. He worked for many years as a professor at the Universitat de Barcelona and promoted the Societat Catalana de Geografia until he gave it the relevance as a common house of the Catalan Geography, which is currently maintained. A tireless educator, he is the author of many works and publications, where without a doubt, the most important contributions to the study of the territorial division of Catalonia stand out.

This personal archive was donated in 2021 by his children Jordi, Anna Maria and David to the Societat Catalana de Geografia which deposited it in the Map Library of the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia by signing a cession agreement.

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