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Domènech Library

Josep M. Domènech and M. Asunción Tomasa library catalogue.

The library of Josep M. Domènech (Terrassa, 4 January 1925 - 19 April 2019) and M. Asunción Tomasa of local papers of Catalonia, was incorporated in 2008 to the Map Library of the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya. It consists of more than 20,000 books and nearly 23,000 pamphlets and other documentation such as maps, magazines and audio and video documents.

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Making of the library

Fruit of Josep M. Domènech youth hobby for books in 1942 at age 17, in his excursions, he began to acquire small works about people, places and sanctuaries. He was soon encouraged because he got La Cerdanya by Pau Vila, in 1945 he acquired part of the library of Domingo Palet and Barba (1872-1953), with the Geografia General de Catalunya, directed by Francesc Carreras i Candi.

Then, following booksellers from everywhere, he expanded the small fund, completing collections of monograph series, historical and hiker, acquiring books that from the pioneer of amateur film, folklorist and hiker, Agustín Fabra (1903 -1972).

An important step was the legacy that jurist Josep Grases (1886-1974) made him, a large hiker fund with almost all publications of Centre Excuriosnista de Catalunya, that Domènech almost completed. In addition, he bought from the Grases family many monographs not inherited.

Apart from the many purchases to antiquarian booksellers, purchased books from private collections from Fontserè Eduard (1870-1970), Josep Iglesias (1902-1986), Fort Euphemia (1908-1979), Josep Rigol (1897-1986), Pere Galí (1906-1994), Joan Tous (1912-2004) and others.

The link of Josep M. Domènech with the Assemblees Intercomarcals d'Estudiosos and the Fundació Salvador Vives i Casajuana allowed him to receive some issues published by Centres d'Estudis. He also had donations from many friends and organizations and institutions that understood the importance of his library.

The description of the collection is in different phases according to the type of documents: