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Glossary of the geological timechart

Geological timechart and graphical representation of the timechart with an indication of its meaning or etymology

The vocabulary of the geological timechart lists the names of Catalan for geological time table, the graphical representation of the time scale used in geology, with an indication of its meaning or etymology.

Table of geologic time scale is expressed in units of time relative chronostratigraphic scale. This scale is based on the principle of superposition of the strata and fossil content of each group of layers. Each group of strata containing fossil determined was assigned a name. In principle many units were local and, with the passage of time and the proliferation of units, was a clear need to establish standard units with global validity. For each of them the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS acronym) agreed on a name.

It has been included (in catalan) brief etymology of all words that identify geochronological units contained in the Table of geologic time. The names of the units of higher rank, eons and eras, refer to life forms on Earth, the times taken various names and ages named after the site where they were described. In all cases indicated the word from which it derives and the language it comes from. When the word is of Greco-Roman origin, identifies the lexemes and words from which they derive and their meanings (Ex.: Eoarqueà: from greek ēṓs 'alba', and arkhaîos 'arcaico'). If the name is a derivation from a place name, identifies and locates the place name in question (Estefanià: from (Sanctus) Stephănus, latin name of the French town of Saint-Étienne, Rhône-Alpes). Also indicated the translation or original English term.

All names, with the definition or etymology of the word, are in two lists: the first is sorted and displayed superior units to which it belongs, the second is in geochronological order in which they appear in the Table of geological time, this includes also the etymology of the names of various facies. Reading this second list you know, inter alia, in which areas were described much of the stratigraphic units.

Geochronological divisions

Font type indicates which of the geochronological divisions each term refers.

: Geochronological unit of higher rank in the scale of the geological time.

ERA: Geochronological unit of high rank in the scale of the geological time located underneath the aeon.

Període: Geochronological unitat below "era" and above "època".

Época: Geochronological unit below "període" and above "edat".

Edat: Geochronological unit of lesser rank in the scale of the geological time.

- Facies (F.): Joint physical, mineralogical, petrographic and paleontological features a geological unit. In some cases the name is used to indicate the facies also age lithostratigraphic unit.