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Use the GitHub OpenICGC code for your applications

Through the OpenICGC initiative, the ICGC promotes a new framework of relations with the Catalan GEO sector, both in the public and private sectors. This initiative has begun to be materialized with the opening of the source code of the ICGC's applications.

Opening the source code allows institutions, small and medium enterprises, and citizens to reuse our applications, know how the source code works, take advantage of it and personalize it to develop its own products or services. It also makes it easy for users to collaborate in order to improve the information. It allows competing with large global suppliers and offers technological independence. Opening the source code means an innovation boost.

The opening of code is part of the open data process of the Administration of Catalonia within the framework of the Knowledge Society that we are building and which began with the access to public information promulgated by the law of transparency (December 2014).

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