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PGOM - Pirineus Geological Open Museum

App of the permanent geology exhibition located in the urban center of Tremp

Without losing scientific rigor, the PGOM app approaches basic geological concepts

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Item Description: Basalt Columns

The PGOM app brings you closer and easier to visit the Pirineus Geological Open Museum (PGOM) within the urban center of Tremp.

This open exhibition shows the formation of the Earth and the evolution of life following two itineraries:

  • Rock garden, located in the Barranco del Joncar Park, where there are different types of rock blocks from the Pyrenees.
  • Avenue of Geological Times, located on the Paseo de Pompeu Fabra, where the evolution of the Earth and life is shown on the pavement built with different natural and artificial materials.

With this audio guide app you can do two tours in three languages, with explanations of each of the 40 points and with more than 170 images of the elements that compose them, which can be accessed through a list, by map or by searching by number.

The reuse of these materials for commercial purposes, the redistribution of this app or any other use that violates the property and exploitation rights of the authors mentioned in the "Credits" section is prohibited.