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Online services (Geoservices)

Use geoinformation online in your applications, without downloading.


Web Map Services and Web Map Tile Services

Vector tiles and styles to make light weight maps and app

Are you a developer and want to use our vector cartography in your app and websites?

Serveis per a API i Widgets

Mapes i fotos aèries de l'ICGC per a les API de Google Maps, OpenLayers, Leaflet...

Serveis per a aplicacions d'escriptori

Com afegir mapes i fotos aèries de l'ICGC a Google Earth i altres aplicacions d'escriptori.

WCS of the Digital Terrain Model

WCS for the 15x15 m and 5x5 m Digital Terrain Model of Catalonia. It provides the heights of the requested points.

WPS of coordinate transformation

This service provides several coordinate system and / or reference changes within the geographical area of Catalonia.


Vector cartography, geometric operations and coordinate transformation, by means of REST services.