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Local earthquakes

Earthquakes located by ICGC in Catalonia and nearby regions (40º 10' N - 43º 20' N / 0º 20' W - 4º E)


Shake maps of Pyrenees

Epicentral regions

Epicentral regions of local earthquakes


These hypocentral determinations and magnitudes have been calculated from measurements made on the signals received at the ICGC in real time, both from own stations and from other institutions.

Since 1984, the seismological bulletin is yearly elaborated, in which the locations are reviewed and complemented with phase readings from other agencies that are not received in real time.

For reasons of the work methodology, since 2012, these listings of locations and magnitudes and those on the seismological bulletin are identical. However, in previous years there may be slight differences in the two listings. For the year 2011 the most updated revision is the list on this page; for previous years, it is that on the seismological bulletin.